2005 Roster
The Other Team
The Dark Side
Amy Giroux
Brenda Nelson
Brooke Hidalgo
Bridget Clark
Carolyn Heller
Cara Freedman
Catharine "Cat" Reburn
Christina Dotchin
Cheryl Tano
Cindy VanBuskirk
Christina Kadinger
Dyanne Roberts
Christine Mercnik
Jenny Sumner
Erin Resso
Julie Ashe
Ingrid Darling
Julie Gibson
Jean Nordahl
Julie Rodeghier
Jessica "Jezi" Steffen
Kacey Corbin
Jody Elwood
Kara Kobylka
Julie Garland
Lorraine Snyder
Kathryn "Katie" Kuck
 Marielle Shoffstall
Kristina "Kris" Kurth
Natalia "Tati" Roman
Lori Parenty
Natalie Villani
Michelle Spaven
Nina Sandberg
Yvette Robine

SSSL Scores
The Other Team
The Dark Side


Jerseys: Team jersey colors will be the same for every game -- "Not the other Team" always in Black and "The Other Team" always in White. 

Rule Stuff:

No game will end in a tie. If after regulation (10 minutes left in our ice time) there is a tie we will conduct a best of 5 shootout system. No player may participate in 2 shootouts in a row. (2 games in a row)

Coincidental penalties will result in a 4-4 skating situation.

Trade deadline of each week is the Thursday of the week of play. The Commissioner will have final say as to the legitimacy of each trade and his word will be final. The general manager starting the trade will be responsible to contact all parties involved including the specific players.

In the event that a team has both goalies dressed for a game, they will equally split time.

Most important point. Let's have a bunch of fun this summer. This will allow us to keep skating while keeping a little competition between us all.

Once again we are together as one team. It's what being a Siren is all about, fun on and off the ice for everyone. We can’t wait to start.

Visit the schedule page for game times and don't forget to respond to your evites.

Last updated Friday, July 6, 2012
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